How is the SSAT* scored?

RAW Score

  • Score is broken down into 3 categories: reading, verbal and math
  • One point is given for each correct answer, 1/4 point subtracted for each incorrect answer
  • No points are added or subtracted for questions omitted
  • Essay is not scored, but sent directly to the private school's admission department


  • Raw score is converted to a scaled score
  • Middle Level Range (Grades 5 - 7 ) : 440-710 for Verbal/Math/Reading (1320-2130 Total)
  • Upper Level Range (Grades 8 - 11): 500-800 for Verbal/Math/Reading (1500-2400 Total)


  • SSAT percentile is a score between 1 and 99
  • Compares student performance on test to other students of the same grade and gender who have taken the SSAT* within the past 3 years