Kenneth Tan, University of Toronto Schools

"It is difficult to gauge how much Prepskills affected Kevin and Sam's SSAT score. I know it helped as far as getting them used to the examination structure. This allows them to be calm and not feel like their lost at the beginning of the exam thus giving them advantage of time (more time to do work rather than trying to wonder what to do and what is expected). It also helped them in managing the time in writing the exam itself.

However, my thoughts are that you can probably get a better score by memorizing the words that Prepskills provided them, which by the way, they hardly did because yours truly didn't take the time to go through the words with them on a daily basis. Having said that, I am not a believer of memorization for the sole purpose of writing a test. This is because you forget most of whatever you were memorizing after the exam is over. So it artificially gets them a high mark but then they will have difficulty in UTS once they get in.

The workshop for the second round of the UTS exam was also good in preparing them for the interview. At that point, I really don't think the written parts were as important nor will you really have the time to prepare for it. You either have it or you don't at that point.

Having said that, as I said earlier, the biggest and most significant thing that Prepskills taught both Sam and Kevin are their essay writing and I have to thank their private teacher for that. The summer sessions were well worth that alone, even if they were not writing the SSAT.

I think the UTS interview in the second round was weighted 70%. The essay maybe 20% and the multiple choice question about 10% in determining the final 150 or so. If someone didn't have the attitude and aptitude, the interview would show that. How each of them answered the questions put forth would clearly demonstrate who the school wants in and not. I support that because at the end of the day, you want to make sure that class is fun and it can only be fun if everyone gets along, at least for the most part."

Submitted by: Kenneth Tan, Father, Gormley
Current School: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)
Former school: Pickering College