Daniel Zhou, University of Toronto Schools

"Dear Joanna,

No matter what definition of success children's growth is best supported and geared by, education is obviously the best way to satisfy what they need. Those needs are up to us to discover, then we are able to help them as much as possible to grow at their pace and in their own way.

It's true that "Learning well doesn't always mean scoring high", and scoring high does mean learning well.

February 22nd, 2013 is more than just an ordinary day for Raymond; it marks a new start of his life - having been accepted by UTS.

I just want to say that children have great dreams for tomorrow alongside with great potentials for growth and parents are bound to discover them in order to assist their children in making those great dreams to come true.

PrepSkills is here to help facilitate the process through providing tailored programs and customized solutions for those children who aim high academically. Thank you!

Best regards,
Daniel Zhou"

Submitted by: Daniel Zhou, Father, North York
Accepted to: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)
Former school: Denlow P.S.